AV Support Services Technician | Sydney
Position Overview

As an AV Support Services Technician, you will provide AV systems support as part of the Support Services Team. You will assist support teams with escalating all AV systems service requirements across all POMT solutions (Audio Visual, Conferencing, Workspace Management and Media Distribution, and IPTV).

This role calls for an innovative, ambitious, and self-driven professional with experience in the Corporate Sector, Service Desk and Support & Service Leadership Team. You will also provide additional support and technical service to embedded POMT resources within a client's premises.

This role will be based within various client sites in Sydney CBD.

What you will do;
  • Troubleshoot installed systems at all stages, including post-implementation fault finding and system stability.
  • Triage and assist in the maintenance of video wall systems and backend image processing.
  • Review conferencing systems and platform updates.
  • Perform firmware updates as required for all hardware, including bug fixes and system updates.
  • Work with the Service Desk Team to deliver on service level agreements with all POMT clients.
  • Become the trusted ‘go to service person’ for all things related to ‘control, audio and monitoring’.
  • Can test and support control, audio & visual systems, both on-site and remotely.
  • Work closely with all Support Services (SUP) on client-side deliverables.
  • Work with vendors to help isolate and troubleshoot complex system issues.

What you will have;
  • An understanding of Audio Visual, Workspace Management and Media Distribution, Video Wall and IPTV technologies.
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting and fault finding for products from various manufacturers such as Crestron, Biamp, QSC, Shure, Poly, Cisco, etc.
  • Proficiency in servicing conferencing hardware and platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Poly & Google Meet.
  • A competent understanding of Crestron Toolbox.
  • A basic understanding of DSP software from BIAMP and QSC.
  • A basic understanding of corporate network methodologies, security requirements and protocols.
  • The ability to interpret schematic diagrams, layouts, and elevation drawings.

Please contact us via the link or send your resumé directly to our Chief of Staff Amanda Cubbin amanda.cubbin@pomt.com

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