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Sydney, International
Strategy, Implementation, Managed Service
Physical & Virtual

Atlassian is global software success story providing products for software development, collaboration, project and service management. One of Australia’s fastest growing companies with a team of over 4000 in 7 countries servicing over 150,000customers. Their mission is to help unleash the potential of every team. Atlassian is consistently voted as one of the best places to work and their culture and values are recognised and aspired to, by many other organisations.

POMT has worked continuously with Atlassian over the past 6 years. We collaborate closely with their workplace tech and workplace experience teams providing strategy, implementation and managed services around Atlassian’s offices and physical +virtual technology for conferencing and collaboration. 

We developed Atlassian’s global standards for physical workplace tech including AV, Conferencing and Collaboration, Workspace Management, MediaDistribution, Peripherals and Convenience. The standards ensure a simple, intuitive, consistent and scalable approach to drive productivity and maximise up time. These standards are constantly challenged and improved with feed back and iteration post every new project to ensure the designs provide the best user experience.

 The standards provide consistency around security, network interface and user experience. Yet they’re flexible enough to allow for local hardware selection given they are used in global offices from Amsterdam to Ankara and Bengaluru to San Francisco.

In Australia POMT has implemented the same solutions in over 20,000sqm of work space. From meeting rooms to open collaboration spaces, training and multi purpose areas through to social and large all staff spaces we work with the Atlassian workplace experience and workplace tech teams to provide a seamless and consistent experience for Atlassians.    

Atlassian migrated toZoom for conferencing in early 2019. Cutting over 4000 team members and 300 meeting rooms over a single weekend wasn’t going to be easy and the decision to do so took a lot of planning. Atlassian’s workplace productivity team initially engaged POMT to assist with a transition services strategy to map out the best approach and manage end user expectations. We were subsequently engaged to assist with project management and technical services for the migration. Atlassian leveraged POMT resources preparing for and during the cut over which occurred seamlessly for end users.

With Zoom now providing a critical service within the Atlassian environment the workplace tech team andPOMT continue to innovate and provide more functionality for Atlassian. From touch interactivity to analogue whiteboard capture, 3 screen immersive spaces to open collaborative settings and signage / media integration were leveraging platforms to drive experience and productivity.

“POMT work closely with us striving to innovate and improve our workplace tech experience for Atlassians. Going over and above they’re more than a service provider, we consider them an extension of our team“ Harvey Jones, Workplace Tech, Atlassian