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Level 37, Tower 2, Barangaroo
Consultancy, Implementation and Studio
AV, Conferencing & Collaboration, Media Distribution, Experiential & Immersive, Studio

A design, intent on spacial harmony that seeks to enhance the guest experience

As one of the world's leading professional services companies, Cognizant transforms clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era.

The relocation to T2 Barangaroo represented an exciting opportunity to reimagine the Cognizant workspace and specifically the guest experience centre and welcome lounge.

POMT, along with Cognizant, Alkimi, MPA and CBRE developed a detailed solution brief and refined the design intent based on technical and architectural considerations.

Mapping the Guest Experience

POMT introduced projection mapping to the project team via a demonstration at the WORKSHOP | by pomt facilities. This enabled the team to resolve an exisiting challenge to provide an immersive and experiential feature within the lift lobby for team members and guests as they entered site.

Collaboration and Experience

Additionally, the Customer Experience Centre and Welcome Lounge features three 3x3 video walls, AV over IP video and signal switching infrastructure alongside dedicated Cisco Webex Conferencing solutions and integrated microphone systems for conferencing and local presentations.

The Outcome

“We wanted a engaging, playful experience as customers and our team entered our new premises” said Regional Facilities Manager Steve Grunbaum. “The digital canvas we have gives us the flexibilty to curate a package of content allowing us to keep the space dynamic and engaging over time”