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One of Australia’s leading owner and manager of commercial office real estate, Investa Property Group (Investa), brings to life their own future-oriented business values in their new Sydney head office. The space is designed to put their employees first: reflecting the way they work today and moving towards the way they want to work tomorrow.

In operation since 2000, Investa owns and manages 26 commercial properties, and provides some of Australia’s most valued workspaces for close to 850 businesses. They have carved out their space at the top of the game by adhering to rigorous standards of environmental, social, and corporate sustainability to manage over $11.8 billion in assets.

Investa initially engaged POMT to develop a technology strategy that would support a new workplace strategy which was being developed concurrently by Hassell and Montlaur. The combined strategy would form the brief for Investa’s new HQ.

From a technology perspective everything which impacted end user experience was on the table. The remit extended from end user devices and peripherals, through to the productivity suite, conferencing and collaboration. Importantly Investa’s executive team recognised the value of the process, provided a mandate for change and supported the investment in enablement and adoption to drive utilisation.

Early on Investa made the decision to maintain and further expand their industry leading Microsoft based modern workplace environment. This has seen end user devices switch to Surface with a choice of hardware to suit the employee’s role and workstyle. Productivity, conferencing and collaboration now leverage the latest O365 components including Teams.

Once Investa’s technology roadmap and virtual solutions were resolved, we worked with Hassell and Montlaur to create a consolidated office space that would facilitate the fast pace and fluidity of their own contemporary work environment. The new space needed to be streamlined but cross-functional to reflect the forward-thinking and technological focus of their teams, so that Investa staff are able to interact simply and comfortably with each other, their clients, and their partners.

The new office showcases a series of ergonomic and highly user-friendly designs to create a seamless experience of workspace and technology. Physical workplace solutions including Peripherals, AV, Conferencing & Collaboration, Booking & Scheduling and Media Distribution are  tilised in spaces ranging from flexible general open settings, meeting rooms, client facing event and experiential spaces along with an all staff multi-purpose breakout in the centre of the work floor.

Investa’s new headquarters capitalises on all the benefits of modern workplace technology and integrates with leading example of the modern office.  Investa have of course continued to expand equivalent technologies and strategies into their other sites to capitalise on employee experience and productivity across the business.